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Video used to inspire struggling athletic teams

September 28, 2012

In this blog we have discussed how audio-visual systems can be used to attract new customers, provide free marketing, entertainment and improved security capabilities. We have also mentioned how they can be used to enhance the atmosphere of a live sporting event.

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Advanced AV technology bolsters security systems

September 27, 2012

When most people think of audio-video technologies, they think of the high definition TV they’re itching to mount on the living room wall or the surround sound system bringing every room in the house to life with the classic tune “Informer” by Snow. After all, who doesn’t get fired up by that song?

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Audio-Video systems enhance experience at live sporting events

September 26, 2012

Sports fans the world over would almost always rather attend a live event than watch from their couches at home. That’s why college and professional sports organizations can fill the “nosebleed” seats at sold-out games. But, it’s not the only reason.

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Video tours change the face of the real estate industry

September 24, 2012

Anyone who has lived in a major city like New York or Chicago has likely had to endure the craze of apartment hunting prior to the September 1 citywide parade of U-Haul vans and move-in “festivities.”

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Gamification changes the modern workplace

September 20, 2012

Gamification has been a very popular term in the last year. As the video game industry has evolved over the last three decades, the user experience has become far more cinematic and immersive in nature.

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Technology Crossroads Conference highlights AV, healthcare partnership

September 19, 2012

Partnerships have led to some of the greatest success stories in mankind’s history. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded one of the most profitable companies of all time in Apple. Wilbur and Orville Wright took to the skies in the first-ever airplane.

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The dangers of outdated or poorly conceived AV systems

September 17, 2012

In this blog, we have discussed the value of high performance audio-visual solutions in restaurants and retail establishments, as well as their mobile enterprise counterparts.

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Retail and food trucks benefit from AV systems

September 13, 2012

It seems everything is going mobile these days. Phones and tablets that rival the functionality and enjoyment provided by traditional computers – along with mobile applications platforms like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android – are changing how people consume media.

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Philanthropic uses of Audio-Video solutions

September 12, 2012

Nonprofit and philanthropic organizations rely on two main tools to not only survive, but to actually make an impact in their respective fields. The first is networking with other professionals who can help them achieve specific goals.

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Audio-visual tools for successful collaboration

September 7, 2012

The modern day workplace has gone through substantial changes over the years. The emphasis has shifted toward using technology to facilitate successful collaborations.

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