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Mississippi to begin conducting video court hearings

February 27, 2013

All-in-all, prisoners are transported 4,800 miles every month in order to speak to a judge. However, with the incorporation of video court hearings, inmates won’t even have to enter a vehicle.

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Starbucks to make drive-thru more see-thru

February 26, 2013

The screens, which were first spotted at select locations last week, are part of a trial run from the company limited to some Washington state locations that will attempt to add a new level of customer service to the efficiency of the drive-thru model.

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Digital sign helps cops arrest jewelry thieves

February 25, 2013

The image on the digital sign generated a great amount of buzz around the store and town, with people taking picture of the sign and posting them to Facebook. Within hours, Decker had potential names for the culprits.

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New TV technologies open the door for better displays

February 22, 2013

With a curved screen, businesses can design visual displays that increase their range of effect from beyond just the area directly in front of it.

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Re-thinking home school: Student attends classes via robot

February 21, 2013

Due to crippling allergies that don’t allow him to leave his home, second-grader Devon Carrow from West Seneca, New York can’t come to school like the rest of his classmates. However, thanks to the use of a 4-foot-tall telepresence robot, Devon is able to come to school remotely and be among his peers.

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Advancements are taking video games off of the physical console

February 20, 2013

In this current generation of video game consoles, developers have taken the first step forward in eliminating the archaic concept of having a physical video game console and a physical disk to play the game on.

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Should companies try becoming ‘digital disruptors’?

February 19, 2013

Rather than taking an existing element of a business model and using audio or video technologies to retrofit them to a new industry, companies should deeply consider what is possible with the bevy of new technologies available in today’s market and how they can help a business.

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Sporting venues are revamping the way we look at Jumbotrons

February 17, 2013

Stadiums are beginning to incorporate social media into their video displays, allowing even more fans to contribute to the gameday experience.

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Video and touch screen technologies are changing the way we check in to hotels

February 17, 2013

As opposed to having a centralized desk manage all of the guests checking in and out of hotels and resorts, companies are transitioning to a spread-out, individualized approach where visitors can come to one of a number of “welcome pedestals” and perform the entire process themselves.

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On-site television screens allow companies to keep the foot traffic flowing during the big game

February 13, 2013

Smart companies are finding a happy medium by implementing video walls designed to show major television events.

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