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Developers seek to bring digital signage solutions to D.C. public transportation

May 31, 2013

While digital signage has many uses in advertising for the private sector, it can also play a role in improving public services.

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Video walls spread peace, Coca-Cola in India and Pakistan

May 28, 2013

Digital signs are great for bringing a company’s message directly to people in new and creative ways. But can they bring people to people?

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Will brick-and-mortar stores adapt to mobile shopping?

May 23, 2013

Merchants must build a business strategy that integrates their video walls with customers’ mobile devices.

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Quick-service restaurants adopting digital menus

May 22, 2013

Now that digital signage is increasing in popularity, restaurant owners are beginning to see potential uses for video walls as menus.

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LG develops flexible OLED sign

May 21, 2013

Recently, LG announced new OLED technology that could improve digital signage.

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Study: Digital signs are effective advertising tools

May 20, 2013

Heather Andrew, a researcher at Neuro-Insight, told Digital Signage Today that outdoor signage, especially digital, was highly memorable for those passing by.

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Is it time to replace your digital signage?

May 16, 2013

Video walls have many uses in advertising, but companies that employ them should always be aware of the energy costs associated with their video distribution systems.

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New York City considers digital signage as part of new evacuation plan

May 14, 2013

Even in times of severe natural disasters, it can be difficult for governments to convince citizens to evacuate on time. But video distribution systems may soon be the key to saving lives.

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Burger King offers lessons in digital sign installation

May 13, 2013

Last year, Burger King replaced its existing menu boards with digital signs in almost every one of its U.S. restaurants over a four-month period.

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Digital signs moving rapidly toward energy efficiency

May 7, 2013

Advancements in digital signage technology are poised to make video walls much more energy efficient in the future.

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