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Avenview helps develop video walls for new 'AdVans'

The AdVan is a mobile digital sign solution that takes advertising directly to consumers.

The AdVan is a mobile digital sign solution that takes advertising directly to consumers.

For an increasing number of advertisers, traditional static signs can no longer meet their needs. Digital signs and video-walls, with the ability to display numerous high-quality images and videos, are much better equipped to capture the attention of passing consumers.

However, like any other sign, the problem with video walls is that traditionally, they have had to remain in one place. They could not easily be moved to different areas where large numbers of people congregate. To solve this problem, All Points Media Co. recently worked with Avenview to create a mobile advertising solution, known as the "AdVan."

The Beaverton, Oregon based company took simple commercial vans and outfitted them with as many as six screens, creating a video display that totals 12 feet wide by 5 feet high. Able to play full motion video that is viewable even in daylight, the vans can be driven or positioned in high traffic areas to create up to 200,000 impressions every day.

At first, the design of the AdVan was fraught with difficulty for All Points Media Co. The computer software used to play the video was difficult to use and full of bugs that harmed performance. However, by working with Avenview and taking advantage of its video wall technology, All Points Media Co. was able to design a functional product. Now, the Avenview DVI-Videowall-9x is featured prominently on the AdVans, and they continue to incorporate the 9x into any new AdVans they build.

"Avenview has been a great addition to our company and has helped push the AdVans to the next level," Alex Brochu, AdVan Operations Manager at All Points Media Co. said. "We love your product, and the men and women I have been in contact with have been an absolute help."

Video Wall used in mobile advertising

DVI-VIDEOWALL-9X used in the AdVan