Digital signs attract passersby, engage local consumers

Digital storefront signs can attract droves of passersby that would normally wouldn't stop to browse in a store.

Social media has become a pivotal resource for businesses today because consumers have come to expect a certain level of engagement and attention. But, the same technology-based tools that target Web traffic can also be used to engage the foot traffic walking by a store day-in and day-out.

The advances in digital signage technology over the last few years have been staggering. They represent a whole new level of attracting and engaging customers. An interactive storefront sign can be used to deliver customized local content to passersby.

Perhaps someone walking down the street didn't think to check the weather forecast and the skies are about to open and let loose torrential rains. An outdoor sports and equipment business could display local weather information and potentially draw in individuals who need to grab a waterproof jacket.

But, there's more to it than someone just getting caught in the rain. Companies can display a constant local news feed about upcoming events, contests, promotions and a host of other content. With a simple USB extender and laptop, a digital sign or video wall can feature a slideshow of employees and customers using your products and having a blast doing it.

"The primary reason that digital signage is installed is to influence minds and behavior, whether that means selling more soda pop or getting employees to work more safely," writes Frank Kenna for DigitalSignageToday. "In either case, the idea is to put messages in front of viewers that will get them to pay attention and buy into whatever they're seeing."

Local market engagement is essential for small and midsize businesses to survive these days. The right digital sign strategy can drastically improve foot traffic coming into a store and generate revenue that would otherwise walk on by and never end up in its registers.