How to choose the best digital signage for the office

Because of their wide range of uses, it can sometimes be difficult to determine exactly what digital signage your office needs.

In the past, this blog has offered many tips on how to use digital signage to boost office productivity. They allow for better video conferencing and more efficient sharing of information. But because of their wide range of uses, it can sometimes be difficult to determine exactly what your office needs.

Digital Signage Today contributor Ben Nielson offers several tips and names some key factors that businesses should consider before making the decision to upgrade their video distribution systems.

First and foremost, it's important to decide the kind of content that will be primarily displayed on the signage systems. Will it be used to share presentations across the office? Video conferencing? The answers to those questions will inevitably lead to new ones, such as whether the new system will require touch control capability. For some, this is a useful addition. For others, it's a needless expense.

Businesses should also consider how many office workers will be using the signs. This will determine how many screens will be necessary, where they will need to be located and how they will be wired together. Some businesses may find that their needs are so great that they need additional hardware—an audio video extender, for example, could be used to maintain quality over a larger network.

"By spending time now to understand your options, you'll ensure you get the most out of your hardware investment and that your content can be delivered consistently and reliably, with the quality expected of your brand," Nielson wrote. In other words, businesses should treat this like any other important purchase, and take their time.