New device allows connectivity without too many cables

A new product from Avenview will remove some of the hassle of dealing with too many cables.

Whether you are installing a new electronic device at home or at the office, one thing is virtually certain: You will have to deal with a mess of cables.

In our living rooms, complicated television and desktop computer setups result in a spider web of cables that threaten to trip up all who walk by. This, in turn, leads to the risk that any or all of your devices might suddenly lose functionality or power if the wrong cable is disrupted.

As offices tend to include much more computer hardware than homes, this risk only increases. In addition, cables limit when devices can be placed and used.

Avenview can’t get rid of cables forever. But we can do something to help, by offering solutions that require relatively few cables without compromising on effectiveness.

Few Cables, Major Connectivity

The HBT-C6IR-SET is the first Avenview product to use HDBaseT Technology. Designed for home and commercial purposes, this device supports multimedia distribution over a distance of up to 60 meters with a single CAT5 cable extender.

The product includes a transmitter and a receiver that can handle full high-definition uncompressed video in formats up to 4K—including 3D video. They also support all standard audio formats.

To use the HBT-C6IR-SET, simply connect a source, such as a BluRay player, to the transmitter via an HDMI cable. The CAT5 cable then connects to the receiver, which in turn connects to a screen with another HDMI cable.

This set up process is easy and allows all content and control to be transmitted to the screen. Both businesses and homeowners will benefit from this simple system.