Orlando digital signage pokes fun at NBA star

An Orlando billboard helped magic fans count down to Dwight Howard's departure - again.

Previously on this blog, we've discussed what sort of buzz and publicity the right visual display can generate for a company. Whether it's funny or informative, digital signage allows an organization to get their message out to the public in order to draw them into their business. In Orlando, Florida, though, a radio station used video solutions for spite – and it's been very effective.

Last year, when former Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers after months of speculation as to whether he wanted to stay with the team, many fans were left disgruntled. So, when Howard made his first visit to Orlando as an opposing player last week, fans let their former star know how they felt by booing him during the game.

The most public display, though, was a digital billboard purchased by Power 95.3 – a local R&B station – that featured a countdown "'til Dwight leaves us again." The countdown was in reference to when the game against the Lakers was over and the former Magic star would be out of the town's hair again.

"Dwight took us on a roller coaster ride for two years as to whether he was staying or going," program director Stevie DeMann said in a statement. "This time around Orlando knows for sure, exactly when Dwight will 'leave us again' – so let the countdown begin! We are having some fun using … digital billboards to get Magic fans pumped for tonight's game."

The countdown was a simple, yet effective, way to use large visual displays to a company's advantage. Any business that wants to use AV solutions in other creative ways should look into installing a video wall in the place of business.