9 Display Dual View Video Wall Processor Cascadable (DVI-VIDEOWALL-9X)

The DVI-VIDEOWALL-9X is a 9 port DVI/HDMI Compliant  Dual-Image Video Wall Processor. This powerful device has real time data/video processor for multiple flat panel displays or projectors. With the most flexibility on the input side, the unit accepts , DVI/HDMI,VGA CVBS, S-Video, and YPbPr and splits the input onto the connected 9 displays.

The DVI-VIDEOWALL-9X can display up to 2 video inputs(Digital and Analog) from the front end video mixer with the supplied Y cable. Thru DVI transmission, the quality of the outcome videos is guaranteed. The output display is grained up to 255 by 255 squares. Virtually any setups for the display layout can be possible by the provided software.

The embedded mixer is an advanced video processor for multimedia presentations. It supports up to four popular types of video inputs, of which two can be outputted simultaneously in Picture-In-Picture (PIP) or Picture-Aside-Picture (PAP) modes.

The DVI-VIDEOWALL-9X allows you to manipulate input videos, wherever position and whatever sizes you want for viewing. The embedded scalar converts signals from input sources to match the native resolution of monitors, flat panel displays, projectors as well as user-selectable output settings up to WUXGA (1920×1200).

The DVI-VIDEOWALL-9X  sends the resulting mixed video thru DVI interface to the connected monitors/projectors based on the display layout. The layout can be readily modified to fit your applications and optimize visual effects. Typical applications include digital signage, and broadcasting/education/ surveillance systems etc.