DVI Extender Over Single LC Fiber With TMDS Video And EDID Data Extends Up To 300m (FO-DVI-1080x-set)

Avenview FO-DVI-1080X-SET, Optical DVI extension module, is designed to let digital flat panel display extend over 300meters (1,000ft) away from host based on DVI Standard by optical transmission.
It can transmit EDID data and HDCP over fiber in real time. FO-DVI-1080X-SET can be used with DVI device as well as HDMI standard device such as Blu-ray player, PS-3.Avenview FO-DVI-1080X-SET DVI Extender over Fiber with EMI Shielding lets you extend digital flat panel signal up to 330 meters (1000 feet) at 1920 x 1200 away from host by TMDS digital signal transmission with only 1 fiber.