Allentown, Pennsylvania debates adding digital scene to the downtown area

More areas are looking to turn their downtown areas into something resembling Time Square.

When people think about Time Square in New York, one of the first images that comes to mind is the abundance of digital signs that brighten up the area. It has become a movie staple that whenever the villain broadcasts his evil plan to the world, one of the scenes of people watching will focus on this area. 

Because of this, more areas are starting to look into the possibility of adding digital signs. According to an article from The Morning Call, a Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania news source, some officials in Allentown have proposed a 172-square-foot digital billboard that will be worked into the revamped Center Square area.

J.B. Reilly, a developer spearheading the project, told the news source that the sign would display static ads for 10 seconds at a time and have a scroll that displays a stock ticker and news headlines. He said that this will be another part of a plan to create a more "vibrant" downtown Allentown.

"The environment is moving this way. A well-done sign is another indication that we're doing things that are contemporary with the marketplace," Reilly said. "The last thing we want to do is cheapen the environment. I think what we've proposed here is modest."

The zoning board still needs to weigh in as the digital content of this sign would go against the current laws on the books. While digital signage is allowed, there are bylaws to the size and content.

Whatever the outcome, this shows that video walls are becoming more popular in areas outside of major cities.