Digital signage appeals to the senses in interactive campaigns

Digital signage ads can add a fun element to the retail experience.

We've discussed previously on this blog how many different applications digital signage can have in shopping malls and other retail settings. Not only can signage help establishments advertise product specials and limited time offers, but it can also be used to create unique and memorable campaigns that leave a lasting impression.

Because of its versatility, digital signage can be used for many purposes. A bright, eye-catching sign with a crystal clear display may be enough to catch customer attention, but when combined with an element of interactivity, the ad and the customer are able to join forces to create an experience that takes on a life of its own. 

The blog Digital Signage Today recently described a campaign that was created for Unilever's Morning Dew and Surf Wild Flowers fragrances. Of course, a key selling point of a fragrance is how it smells, so the campaign's creators found a way to incorporate this element. 

The campaign was set up in U.K. shopping malls, and used digital signage screens as part of a setup where users could play a game of hopscotch while interacting with the advertisement. While users played the game, fragrances were released at timed intervals

"This campaign created the perfect opportunity to target consumers in the right mindset in malls by adding an additional sensory element to the digital out-of-home campaign," Dave McEvoy, the campaign's marketing director, told Digital Signage Today in an email.

By using vibrant digital signage screens to engage customers while incorporating a sensory element, organizers were able to develop a unique experience that drew attention to the product. From interactive campaigns to in-store displays, video walls and digital signage screens are making shopping more memorable.