Digital signage helps bring interactivity to beverage cooler

Coca-Cola has released interactive coolers featuring digital signage.

Previously on this blog, we've talked about how some manufacturers are using digital signage to improve the vending machine experience by making machines increasingly interactive. One example of a company making use of signage for this purpose was Mondolez International, a snack conglomerate that used vending machines incorporating digital signage to sell a variety of different snack brands. 

One of the notable aspects of this capability was that signage gave the company the opportunity to interact with customers while they are making their purchasing decision. Other companies are taking note of this capability, including Coca-Cola Amatil, according to an article in Digital Signage Today

As the blog details, the company is bringing digital signage to drink coolers, where customers are able to interact with elements of the cooler as they decide on a beverage. The design was created to foster engagement by giving customers the unique experience of being able to take photos and listen to music right at the cooler. 

Augmented reality is another notable feature of these coolers, which are deployed in Australia and allow customers to see photos of themselves featuring different clothing and hairstyles. The experience additionally incorporates an element of sharing: customers can share photos of their hair and clothing styles on social media platforms. 

We've touched previously on the point that digital signage allows marketers to create increasingly interactive branding experiences, and this example is no exception. By adding interactive elements to the cooler, marketers are using digital signage to increase brand engagement while making a unique and memorable experience for the customer. 

Increased engagement can lead to increased sales. Marketers looking to add an edge to their campaigns may want to consider video walls and interactive touch screen digital signage as part of a campaign design.