Digital signage helps hotel guests access a wide variety of content

Digital signage helps guests access information during their hotel stay.

When guests stay at a hotel, they expect a certain level of service, and depending on the type of hotel, they may also come to expect a certain type of experience as well. Digital signage screens, video walls and interactive kiosks provide multiple ways for hotel guests to access content that interests them. 

Visiting an unfamiliar location can be confusing, and hotels are tasked with helping their guests figure out where to go and how to get there. Digital signage is able to help with this aspect of the hotel experience by making it easier for guests to access maps. 

Typically, when a guest checks in, they inquire with the concierge to receive information about the hotel and the surrounding area. Digital signage can make this process even more informative, as guests would be able to access this information themselves by using signs located throughout the hotel.

With signage, hotels can provide guests with information about the local weather and maps of the area. Guests can interact with this information using a touch screen, allowing the hotel to provide a variety of content they can easily manage. Interactive signage can be used by guests to research points of interest like restaurants, shopping, sight-seeing, entertainment and more. Transitioning this information to digital signage may also help speed up check-in time by directing questions to signage as opposed to the concierge. 

While outside attractions are certainly a priority for many visitors, guests will also want to know about the services that are offered by the hotel itself. Hotels can use digital signage to incorporate information about their restaurant, gym, conference areas, gift shops, parking lots and other amenities they may be interested in during their stay. 

Hotels have a lot of content to manage, and digital signage makes it easy to keep guests engaged and informed, leading to a higher level of customer service and better hotel experience.