Digital signage helps more sports fans watch their favorite events

Digital signage gives sports fans a better view of the game.

Major sporting events have the potential to draw large audiences, not only to the stadium or arena where the event is taking place, but to other establishments like bars or restaurants where fans gather to view the action. 

When large groups gather around one screen, it can be hard for everyone to get a clear view. However, when establishments use multiple digital signage screens, it makes it easier for a greater number of patrons to enjoy the viewing experience. 

Recently, fans have been gathering to watch the FIFA World Cup games. Whether its at home or at a bar or restaurant, group viewing parties can get crowded and having a large digital screen, video wall or multiple screens to view the game can help make the experience enjoyable for everyone. 

According to a release on the FIFA website, viewers have been watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil in record numbers worldwide, with a lot of viewing interest coming from the United States. 

"To see this overwhelming surge of interest in the United States is a true 'watershed' moment for the FIFA World Cup and for football. We have been thrilled to see the way the American fans are embracing the FIFA World Cup like never before," said Niclas Ericson, director of FIFA TV. 

He went on to note that the World Cup could end up being the most popular single sporting event due to the large number of viewers. To help accommodate everyone that wants to see the game, establishments can turn to digital signage.

With increasing numbers of viewers, it is essential that establishments are outfitted with the equipment to handle demand for sports action. By installing multiple digital signage screens, establishments will be able to provide customers with better customer experiences.