Digital signage kiosks bring increased accuracy to school attendance

Digital signage kiosks can now keep track of student attendance.

When it comes to attendance, it can be challenging for school administrators to maintain an accurate record of all students and staff that are in the building on a given day. However, digital signage is making this process easier. 

According to an article from the blog Digital Signage Today, a company has created a digital signage kiosk that allows school administrators to track attendance in real time. The kiosks are capable of tracking the attendance of more than 40 people per minute.  

If a student is late, the kiosk is equipped with printer that can generate a late pass. The touchscreen kiosk also keeps track of information like student demographics and is able to display student photos. This helps create an increasingly secure school environment. 

Additionally, if a student has ongoing attendance issues, the kiosk can monitor for this and alert administrators when there is a problem, and even send out a message about the issue. It is able to keep track of whether students are arriving late and can even monitor when they are in the cafeteria. It not only tracks the attendance of students but can be used to monitor staff and issue visitor passes as well. 

With the functionality afforded by digital signage, schools can use these kiosks to maintain more accurate records of their populations, and administrators can more easily stay aware of attendance related issues that may occur.

But this isn't the only way that digital signage is improving schools. Schools have been finding many applications for digital signage to enhance their communication. From digital bulletin boards to video walls, there are lots of ways for schools to deploy signage across their campuses and enhance communication between their various community members.