Does your digital signage prompt customers to take action?

Signage can grab attention, content can encourage action.

Digital signage has been enabling marketers to reach audiences in ways that were not previously possible. With bright displays and the ability to show many types of content, digital signs, video walls and interactive screens attract consumer attention in a way that traditional static signs cannot. 

This capability has increased the opportunities for brands to interact with their customers and deliver useful information about products and services. One of the unique aspects of digital signage is that it allows customers the chance to engage with content while the brand has their attention. 

Getting the attention of the customer can certainly be a challenge, but once that has been accomplished, what happens next is important to help influence the customer to take action. Providing interesting and engaging content is a great step, but a recent post on the blog Digital Signage Today raises the point that the "call to action" is an aspect of your digital signage content that should not be overlooked. 

What is a call to action? It invites people to do something once they have read your message. This is significant because people won't always do something unless you ask them to. Digital Signage Today suggests a couple of instances where the call to action could be used. For example, if using a menu board, you can give guests a discount code that will prompt them to take action by using it.

If you're using your digital signage in conjunction with social media, incorporating calls to action that prompt users to also visit your social media sites can help foster greater connections on your other marketing channels. Providing great content and a call to action can help you engage customers and increase revenue.