How digital signage works with gamification

Digital signage works in conjunction with gamification to enhance engagement of customers, employees.

What does playing games have to do with improving customer engagement? As it turns out, a lot. Gamification is a way for businesses to not only gain the attention of their employees as a way to improve training, but it also can have a similar engaging effect when used in a marketing setting. 

Forbes contributor Steve Olenski discusses how companies can use gamification for marketing. According to Olenski, gamification has several beneficial uses. One of the challenges that businesses face is finding ways to interest consumers in their product. However, through the use of gamification, they are able to increase engagement levels. 

Part of the lure of a game is that it provides a challenge and reward. This can be addicting for some people, but the principles at work can be very effective for attracting and retaining interest, and getting people to come back for more. The applications for marketing are clear, and as we have discussed previously, some companies have even designed vending machines that use gamification to keep customers interested.

Digital signage helps make gamification possible. Although the game is a software program, signage provides the interactive hardware to facilitate this interaction. 

A post on the blog Digital Signage Today discusses ways in which businesses are considering using gamification. Some of the motivating reasons behind its adoption are to motivate, reward and engage employees. As the article describes, gamification can be applied to things like HR initiatives, and digital signage can be used to display the results of the games in the workplace. 

With the growing trend of gamification, businesses interested in incorporating it into their operations can turn to digital touchscreens, video walls and other types of signage to bring their ideas into reality.