How video walls can enhance live music performances

Digital signage makes it easier for large crowds to see what's happening on stage.

Large scale events can be exciting, but when there are hundreds of thousands of people in attendance, it can be hard for some members of the audience to have a clear view of what's going on.

For events like large concerts, some people in the crowd may struggle to see over others, or if they are situated far from the stage, they might not be able to see the musicians performing. This can result in potential disappointment for fans that have come to see their favorite band. However, when the stage setup incorporates a video wall, it makes it easy for everyone to see the show. 

According to an article from the Beacon News, the RiverEdge Park in Aurora, IL has installed a video wall to allow concert-goers have a better view of the stage. The video wall is ten feet tall and sixteen feet wide. The park will install the wall in back of one of the sound towers.

The placement of the wall will make it possible for members in the audience who are farther away from the stage to be able to not only hear the show, but see it even though they are seated at a distance. This way, they can see the performance taking place on stage in detail without having to move through a crowd of people to get closer to the stage.

Giving the audience an easier way to view the show helps to enhance their experience. With the clear, bright picture of digital signage screens, members of the audience are able to receive a view of the stage that otherwise would not have been possible. 

Not only does it make the experience more visually engaging, but digital signage can also help communicate information and announcements to a large audience.