Video boards and sports bringing people together

Many people watched the World Cup in group settings on large video screens.

All across the world over the last month, soccer fans were gathered in bars and around televisions to cheer on their national teams as they competed for the world cup. Many cities have also set up major watch parties in city and town squares that included thousands of fans crowded around a digital screen to watch together.

Following the outcome of a match, one of the telling images for news outlets was to show video of these large group gatherings. Here would either be scenes of fans cheering following a victory or sulking after a loss.

This is a practice that has been related to sports for some time. Currently happening in Europe is a different international sporting event, the Tour de France. According to an article from Digital Signage Connection, during the opening weekend, 19 LED screen were set up in Yorkshire for the opening weekend. Here, more than 5 million fans gathered around to get closer to the action.

The article features comments from Pauline Brooksbank, the managing director of Calibre UK, one of the companies that created the signs.

“This unforgettable weekend was not just a celebration of cycling but a unique opportunity for local people to experience a sporting event they had never come so close to before,” Brooksbank said. “The crowds who lined the route were 20-deep in places but, thanks to Calibre’s Yorkshire-manufactured technology’s ability to take live broadcast feeds and process them for large-screen display simply, reliably and with absolutely no sacrifice in quality, everybody felt that they were part of the action.”

With the help of an video wall service provider, any one can create digital signage that brings people together.