Why do I need a multiviewer?

Give your events the technological boost they need to captivate any audience.

A multiviewer is a versatile piece of equipment that allows users to connect multiple input sources to a display. Users can easily switch to their desired input via the Menu settings, or position any of the inputs on a single monitor in their preferred layout. 

Avenview's multiviewers are the perfect solution for those who want to make the most out of their existing system, whether you are a professional broadcast technician, a digital advertising professional, security officer or simply want to take your home entertainment system to the next level. 

All of our multiviewer solutions allow users access to both hardware and software controls. For software manipulation, users can access an intuitive web interface complete with custom settings to ensure the system supports their specific needs. Our multiviewers also allows users to choose their desired settings through a handheld IR remote control or by buttons conveniently located on the front panel. 

Our multiviewers are the most user-friendly and intuitive devices on the market today. Both professional installers and inexperienced personal users have found that Avenview's multiviewer systems are both easy to set up and simple to navigate, making our multiviewers the perfect pieces of equipment to ease transitions between multiple input sources.

Avenview is also proud to offer the only multiviewer available today equipped with audio capabilities. The HDM-SPLITPRO-4A is an HDMI device that allows users unprecedented capability. Imagine watching all of Sunday's games on one screen simultaneously, while also being able to select the game you want to hear, or switch audio channels in an instant. Or, for commercial purposes, show up to four promotional items while the audio track informs clients or customers about your organization's special offers. 

Our SPLITPRO-4A also offers broadcasters and A/V professionals chromakey and rotation features. Our exclusive chromakey feature, or "green screen," allows users to overlay sources based on color hues and chroma range. As more programming begins to rely on this feature, the SPLITPRO-4A is fast becoming the must-have piece of equipment for those that want to stay a step ahead of the technology curve. 

Avenview's multiviewer solutions support HDMI, DVI and 3G/HD/SDI systems, and we have many models available to ensure that your receive the right device to match your specific needs. Our trained professionals are ready to help walk you through the ordering process, and will take note of your or your organization's specific requirements and budget. Contact us today to see just how easily you can enhance the performance of your existing system, or create a new solution that reflects your own custom needs.