Coming Soon! Avenview Launching New Video Over IP Line of Products

matrix, video extender

Avenview Corp, a manufacturer of ProAV components for the management and distribution of video signals, is launching a new line of H.264 video over IP Extenders this fall at CEDIA EXPO 2015.

Every year, thousands of like-minded industry professionals meet at CEDIA EXPO to explore new AV, Control and Networking technologies. This year, alongside their partner AVPRoStore, Avenview Corp will be in Booth 8524 to display their groundbreaking complete line of video over IP products which provide high quality, low bandwidth, networked video transmission.

After experiencing huge success with HDM-C6VWIP-SET, which employed jpeg 2000 technology, Avenview saw the need for a faster, higher quality video extender with lower bandwidth to maximize the benefits of video over IP installations.

Excited to meet these needs, Avenview is launching an entire line of innovative products to deliver HD video over IP using H.264 technology. With three new products available, Avenview’s video over IP extenders will deliver high quality, fast switching, and low bandwidth video over CATx networks. The line up of products includes the HDM-C6MXIP-SET, HDM-C6MWIP-SET and the HDM-C6MVIP-SET.

Each of these solutions has a modular design, which allows multiple uses and customized installations with full control from iPad or other mobile device. Video is streamed and decoded live using H.264 video encoding, which ensures high quality and low bandwidth.

The Avenview HDM-C6MXIP-SET is the perfect solution for any installation that requires video extension point to point, point to multi point or a matrix of multi sources to multi displays.

The Avenview HDM-C6MWIP-SET is the perfect upgrade from the MXIP. Maintaining high quality video extension over IP using H.264 video encoding, the MWIP SET also can create a video wall with full control from a PC or iPad.

The multi function HDM-C6MVIP-SET provides the full range of functions required by any video installation. Extend high quality, low bandwidth, H.264 video over IP with added functions of creating a video matrix, video wall and multiviewer functions, all with full control from an app on your iPad device.

matrix, video extender

Multi source to multi display

Avenview partners with AptoVision for Uncompressed 4K over IP

Uncompressed 4K over IP

Avenview Corp, a manufacturer of ProAV components for the management and distribution of video signals, is partnering with AptoVision to launch a new 4K uncompressed video extender over IP this fall at CEDIA EXPO 2015.

Every year, thousands of like-minded industry professionals meet at CEDIA EXPO to explore new AV, Control and Networking technologies. Alongside their partner AVPRoStore, Avenview Corp will be in Booth 8524 to display their groundbreaking package of video over IP products, which includes a 4K over CATx extender that features uncompressed video transmission.

The Avenview HDM-C6IP4K-SET is designed around the award winning BlueRiver NT chip from AptoVision. It is the world’s first and only chipset to enable the extension, switching and compositing of real-time, uncompressed Ultra-HD signals with zero-frame latency over off-the-shelf 10Gb Ethernet switches. The Avenview HDM-C6IP4K-SET employs this FPGA chip technology and high-bandwidth synchronous packet based architecture for pixel transmission.

“We are delighted to add Avenview to the ever growing list of partners embracing AptoVision’s BlueRiver NT technology,” said Kamran Ahmed, CEO and Co-founder of AptoVision, “This new product embraces our shared belief that uncompressed 4K over IP is here and it is the future of AV signal distribution.”

The 4K over IP Extender from Avenview uses standard Ethernet infrastructure and equipment to move audio, video, control, and even Ethernet signals from source to display. Custom AV switches are not required and are replaced with off the shelf 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches.

How it Works: A transmitting encoder is connected to any source signal – whether it’s a media player, PC or Server, BluRay player, or digital signage player. The signal is converted into a packetized stream that’s compatible with off-the-shelf 10 Gb Ethernet switches. Using existing CATx infrastructure, users can connect CATx to an HDM-C6IP4K receiving decoder anywhere on the same 10-Gb network. The decoder connects directly to a screen or TV, delivering visually lossless video with zero frame latency along with CEC controls. Any signal from any transmitter can be sent to any receiver on the same network. Furthermore, the signals can be easily manipulated within the supplied software to create various outputs on the display side; such as a multiview, video wall or matrix functions.

Distribution, display and switching possibilities are endless. The HDM-C6IP4K can be used in multiple custom solutions using combinations of transmitting encoders and receiving decoders. Sources can be controlled and switched over CATx and for a multitude of applications across many market sectors such as Broadcasting, Medical Applications, Post Production Suites, Video Game Design and more.

Uncompressed 4K over IP

Multi Source to Multi Display

Advantages of Digital Signage for Banks

digital signage solutions for banks

There is no question that the digital signage market is growing and digital signage systems are appearing in more diverse industries and settings.

Banks and Financial Institutions are one industry where the benefits of digital signage are many. Traditionally, banks and financial institutions relied heavily on printed materials to deliver their messages. Brochures, posters, data sheets etc were always needed for new products, interest rate changes, seasonal campaigns etc.

Digital Signage offers increased engagement with customers, increased control of content and increased speed and savings on marketing and communication materials.

As in many other industries, digital signage in banks increases the ability to communicate and interact with customers. Whether the signs are near the ATM, behind the tellers, at transactional kiosks or in the drive-thru lines, digital signs can deliver interesting and relevant information to their waiting customers. These messages can have multiple effects.

  • Reduce perceived wait times: provide engaging and entertaining content in order to make wait times in line ups feel shorter for your customer.
  • Facilitate up-selling or cross-selling: In an ever more complex banking world, inform your customers of other products that may be relevant to them
  • Create a connection with your customer: Display content that is relatable and relevant to your customers.

Digital signage can also provide some operational benefits to banks with multiple branches. Central control of a digital signage system will shorten the time to get to market for any new information or campaigns going out to branches. Specific messages can also be scheduled and delivered from a central location at the right time of day for each campaign to maximize exposure to the correct audience. Finally, since messages can be updated in real time to all branches, or selected branches, simultaneously, the user has the control to distribute the message at the appropriate time.

Avenview Corp provides an entire range of Digital Signage hardware, which allows organizations to distribute information quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Contact us for more information.

Scaling HD video to 4K or Ultra HD

Avenview HD to 4K Scaler


4K and Ultra HD are here to stay.  In recent years, the technology has been gaining ground in many industries, from consumer to commercial.  Ultra HD and 4K provide increased resolution, more pixels and more image detail.

In digital signage, more information can be contained in a smaller area – so when the viewer is close to the screen, more details are visible.  In larger venues, 4K is perfect for bringing brighter colors and engaging visuals.  In Control Rooms, the resolution available in 4K signals provides increased image detail and therefore increased situational awareness.  The Medical industry also benefits from the the details available with the increased resolution of 4K.

Whether consumer or professional, 4K capable screens and 4K processing equipment are becoming more common, more available and more affordable.  Avenview carries a full line of 4K ready equipment, allowing the entire content chain to support 4K video.

The availability of 4K content, however, is still lagging a bit behind.  As content creation in 4K catches up, is all of our HD content out of date?  Is it no longer relevant in a world of 4K screens?  Not necessarily.  In order to get the best results from 4K screens, it’s true that the content should also be created in 4K.  In a case where that is not possible, or not possible yet, scaling HD content is the answer.

Avenview HD to 4K ScalerMost 4K screens come with built in scalers that will allow HD content to be displayed.  These scalers provide passable results, but do not provide the best results available.  A dedicated piece of hardware with built in image processing provides much better results.  An HD signal processed by an external dedicated device will have more detail, crisper lines, and better colors.

Avenview’s SC-HDM-HD42K is just such a dedicated 4K HDMI scaler.  This HDMI 4K2K Scaler is designed to upscale a 1080p@24 Hz signal up to 4K2K (Ultra HD) or downscale a 4K2K signal down to 1080p@24 Hz.  The device features a single HDMI input and two simultaneous HDMI outputs, a ‘Bypass’ output and a ‘Scaled’ output. The Bypass output will always bypass the original signal, while the Scaled output can be set to upscale to 4K2K, downscale to 1080p@24 Hz or to bypass without scaling. The Avenview SC-HDM-HD42K Scaler is an ideal solution for integrating a 1080p HD source into a 4K2K system or vice versa.

Contact Avenview today for details on our dedicated external 4K2K scaler.

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Advantages of Fiber Optic Cables


Fiber optic cables are made from flexible strands of extruded glass (silica) or plastic and they are about the size of a human hair. Arranged in bundles within a sheath, Fiber optic cables carry digital information at high speeds over long distances.

Fiber cables have some key advantages that make them ideal for installation in certain types of environments.  Here are 4 key advantages to using finer optic cables.

High Bandwidth: Fiber optic cables are able to carry large amounts of data at high speeds, over long distances. The bandwidth is not unlimited, but it is much greater than coaxial cables or CAT cables.

Immune to Interference: Since fiber optic cables are made of extruded glass or plastic and are bundled in a sheath, they are immune to any electrical interference. Fiber cables can be run in electrically noisy environments, and close to other cables without concern for interference or crosstalk.

Size: Fiber cables are thinner, more flexible and easier to install. A fiber cable can transmit up to 4 times more data and is about 30 times smaller in cross section. As a result, the cables are also lighter and more flexible than other cables and are therefore easier to install. They take up less space, and their low weight makes them easier to handle in installations.

Security: Fiber cables are not easily tapped, and since they do not emit any electromagnetic energy, the transmissions cannot be intercepted. Fiber provides the most secure format for transmitting sensitive data.

Fiber optic cables are not required in all AV installations, but they do provide advantages to consider. Distance, security, bandwidth and lack of interference are all factors to consider in your next installation. Avenview carries a selection of Fiber cables including Simplex and Duplex mode cables. Read more about our cable selection here.

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What is HDCP, and do I need to worry about it?

Video screens on the side of mobile retail and food businesses, as well as traditional brick-and-mortar locations, can go a long way toward engaging customers.

What is HDCP:

High Definition Digital Content Protection, or HDCP, is a form of digital copy protection developed by Intel to protect digital content from being copied or transmitted illegally.

Essentially, HDCP prevents copying of digital content as that content travels across connections.   Most digital content players, like DVDs, BluRays, Satellite and Cable Set top boxes all have HDCP.  In order for the signal to be played correctly, the display device that these are connected to also must have HDCP.

Furthermore, any other devices in the connection chain also must be compliant to HDCP.  This makes HDCP a vital concern in ProAV, video wall, digital signage, or home theatre installations.  Any switchers, multiviewers, video processors, distribution amplifiers etc must be HDCP compliant in order for the signal to be displayed properly on the screen.

How does it work:

The source device controls HDCP.  When a digital content player is connected to a display, encrypted keys are exchanged between the source and the display in a process known as the ‘handshake’.  Not unlike a submarine sending a ping underwater, the source player will ping the display.  If a display returns the ping, the signal is transmitted successfully.  If there is no return ping, the source will terminate the signal, and the display will not display the content and there will be an error message, or no picture.

In line devices in the connection chain must allow the transmission of these encryption keys in order for the handshake to be successful.

How to fix HDCP problems, and How Avenview Products handle HDCP

Problems with HDCP connections are sometimes just a matter of a failed handshake.  If this is the case, the problem can be fixed by disconnecting, reconnecting and cycling power to the devices.  This will allow the devices to attempt the handshake again.  If all devices are HDCP compliant, this could solve the problem.

If devices involved are not HDCP compliant, the only solution is to use products that are HDCP compliant.

Avenview manufactures a full line of video processors, multiviewers, scalers, switchers and video wall processors.  As a function of their design and main use, all Avenview products are HDCP compliant, ensuring that HDCP keys are seamlessly transmitted between your source and display(s).

Contact Avenview today to learn more!

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3 characteristics of successful digital signage content

Here are five characteristics of quality digital signage content.

Digital signage is about ground-breaking technology, innovative forms of display and, above all, about getting communication results that surpass non-digital efforts. While bells and whistles might be attractive, what truly makes digital signage successful is the meeting of technological advancements and creative messages.

Here are three characteristics of quality digital signage content:

Visually clean: The more complex the displays on your digital signage the less likely they are to be remembered. In fact, simply hanging digital signage in a physically cluttered area can decrease its impact, which should tell you something about messy displays and display areas. When creating content think "clean." You want your message to be seen and remembered, so don't pile on unnecessary information. Keep things focused for effectiveness.

Check your contrast: This might be a concept that goes without saying, but it bears repeating. You want your content to have colors and designs that leverage contrast. The more contrast the easier it is for your text or images to be seen. Remember to adjust the contrast settings of your display too.

Keep it short and sweet: Taking one or two words out of a call-to-action or other message can make a huge difference to how well a communication is recalled. This probably has something to do with Miller's Law, a psychological principle which suggests that people have the ability to best recall short lists of around five to nine small message. Make sure that the messages you are communicating are not redundant or full of "fluff" material. Focus on the information you want to deliver and do so with as few words as possible.

Are you interested in purchasing digital signage for your business? At Avenview we provide high-quality, cost-effective technology that can take your company to the next level. Contact us today.

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3 tips to help choose the right digital signage display

Here are a few tips to help your company choose the right digital signage display.

Display hardware is the crux of digital signage — without it signage does not exist. It is important to have a display that perfectly fits your business's needs to ensure a successful deployment.

Here are a few tips to help your company choose the right digital signage display:

Commercial-grade vs. consumer-grade: The first thing to consider is whether or not to deploy a commercial-grade product or to use something built for the average consumer, such as a television. What are your business needs? Do you want your video wall to operate throughout the work day? Do you expect the hardware to last long and be hardy enough for daily use? In general commercial-grade options are much better suited to business use. Settling for a television might sound like the right thing to do cost-wise, but TVs are not built for digital signage use and you will find yourself searching for a replacement sooner or later.

Installation scale: Commercial-grade digital signage solutions offer a range of installation options. Plan how you would like your display to look. Do you want a wall-to-wall screen? Are you trying to create a ribbon of displays that wrap around the inside of your store? Do you want a collage of screens, or a more sculptural array? Visualization tools can help you envision large-scale video wall installations.

What is the estimated viewing distance: Once you understand how you would like to physically arrange the signage you will need to find out how far away visitors will be standing when they experience the display. Do you expect them to be very close or farther away? Are you installing an interactive display that you expect people to touch? Understanding how close your audience will be allows you to choose the correct resolution for pristine quality images and videos.

At Avenview, we are dedicated to providing companies with the best digital signage displays on the market. Contact us today to find out more about our stock.

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Staging digital signage key to success

Many companies forget that staging and testing can make or break a video wall solution.

If there is one thing many companies forget as they purchase and install digital signage it is that the staging and testing part of deployment can make or break a video wall solution.

Now, it's not that businesses forget about testing altogether — in fact individual components of digital signage are commonly tested pre-installation. The problem arises when testing and staging isn't conducted on the system as a whole, with software, media player, screens, mounting hardware and the network configuration all running together as a single system, as they would be in the finished product. Experienced vendors are more than used to receiving calls from installers having interoperability problems with systems that weren't tested beforehand. 

Remember that your digital signage is the sum of its parts. System integration is necessary for the video wall to function as expected, which means that it is crucial for an integration team to carefully stage the equipment before the actual installation.

Staging is a hardware and software dress rehearsal. All of your equipment should be set up, connected to the network and operated as you would expect it to on opening day. For example, if you are displaying wayfinding content, display it on the screen to make sure it looks okay. If you are using an interactive system try interacting with it. Use touch screens, stand where you expect a video wall viewer to stand.

Staging is particularly important for content that relies on data-driven information. For example if a processor connects to a database of pricing information for a digital menu board, the integrator will need to check that the digital signage is connecting properly to the pricing database.

It is also necessary for sculptural set-ups, that are intended to be configured very carefully, and video walls, where screen configuration, player synchronization and bezel compensation settings are all highly important for proper functioning.

At Avenview we help clients analyze the way they do business and find ways to incorporate top-notch visual displays. Tell us your vision and we will help you achieve it.

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The Internet of Things and digital signage

What does the Internet of Things mean for digital signage?

The Internet of Things (IoT), a term developed in the mid-1990s by a British retailer, has been creating a buzz in the tech industry for a few years now. While it sounds like a mystical world, the Internet of Things focuses on a simple concept: allowing physical objects to "talk" to one another. This doesn't mean just smartphones — it includes coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices, components of machines, like a jet engine of an airplane or the drill of an oil rig — basically if it has an on/off switch it will be connected to the Internet of Things.

The IoT adds a whole new level to technological connection. Where it was once people-people (a Skype connection between you and your mother) and people-things (asking Siri for the day's weather forecast), now we will also have things-things. Imagine your car having access to your calendar and not only knowing you have a meeting but also understanding the best route to get you to your destination. Or perhaps your alarm clock wakes you up and instantaneously activates your coffee maker so that a steaming cup of Joe is waiting for you when you drag yourself out of bed.

Gartner estimates that by 2020 approximately 26 billion devices will be transmitting data to one another over the internet. At this point you might be thinking: Did we learn nothing from SkyNet? The IoT might sound like the perfect recipe for self-aware synthetic intelligence, but in reality it is a groundbreaking way to make life not only easier, but more efficient, safer and even greener. The possibilities are practically endless. 

Digital signage is already playing a crucial role in the development of the Internet of Things. Modern day digital signage has advanced enough to interact with physical objects. For example, a screen advertisement on a Swedish subway platform is designed to react to wind pressure changes. When a train passes by in a gust of wind, viewers see the model's hair billowing around on the signage. 

As the IoT becomes a reality digital signage will be expected to use the new method of communication. Future video walls will be able to interact with a number of other products, until screens with only text, image and movie content come to seem outdated. Imagine the extent of applications of IoT in industries that use digital signage today: A pregnant patient arrives at a hospital she has never visited before. She taps her smart card ID against the reader attached to a central video wall labeled "Help Desk." The system immediately understands that the patient's first language is Spanish, changes the screen interface to reflect that knowledge. It pulls up her appointment location and time and sends directions to her phone, while notifying the clinic's reception system that the patient has arrived. The woman's phone directs her to the appropriate waiting area, and the waiting room screen already knows that she speaks Spanish and lists her waiting time.

As more products are developed to incorporate multiple devices the expectation of inter-device and object communication will rise. Digital signage may be the first to see the true extent of the changes in store. Video wall vendors are in a prime position to use these unique solutions to establish digital signage as a leader in the IoT.

At Avenview we are dedicated to providing consumers with the most efficient, up-to-date technology available. Our wide stock of multimedia displays are sure to meet your business needs. If you are interested in learning more about currently available video walls, or about advances in the industry, contact us today.

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