Australian university unveils world’s largest multitouch display

A marine life exhibit is one of the main displays for the 46-foot "Cube"

Last month, the Queensland University of Technology in Australia unveiled The Cube, an enormous 46-foot video wall, which is being billed as "the world's largest fully interactive, unlimited multitouch installation."

The centerpiece of the university's brand new $230 million Science and Engineering Centre, The Cube is bent at a 90-degree angle into a corner to fully immerse the viewer in the environment. The enormous display actually consists of 48 individual 55-inch ultrathin-bezel MultiTaction screens that respond to an unlimited number of touch points, letting as many users as possible interact with the display.

Currently, The Cube features a number of "educational zones" that are fed onto the display, including: an interactive virtual marine life exhibit, a research collaboration program, a Community Science wall that displays "Queensland experiences," an environment and energy consumption exhibit and a "Physics Playroom."

Faculty and staff at the university are excited to work with The Cube and explore the educational potential of the new technology.

"For anyone interacting with The Cube, it's the MultiTaction Cells that lend the installation its magic," associate director of learning environments support Dr. Gordon Howell said in a release. "Through this innovative technology, we are able to break down the imagined barriers between academia and the public, making The Cube a center of scientific exploration for all who care to participate."

The video wall, which is currently open to the public at the university's Gardens Point campus in Brisbane, Australia, is a great example as to how advancements in video processors are creating new AV solutions for universities and other educational facilities.

While not every organization has the room for a 46-foot video wall, there is potential in any environment for public displays that can help educate and inform. From restaurants and hotels to hospitals and schools, businesses and organizations of any type can benefit from AV solutions.