Boston University installs digital menu boards in its dining commons

Students at BU will have more information about their food options thanks to new video menu boards.

Boston University is putting a new spin on its menus and the way it promotes its food services to students. By installing digital menu boards in its newest dining hall, the university is showing how advancements in video processors are helping institutions find the latest AV solutions to breathe fresh life into any operation.

The video boards are featured at the campus' newest eatery, Fresh Food Company at Marciano Commons, where the food service is expected to replace the output and capacity of four of the school's older dining commons. The Fresh Food Company is the centerpiece of the Center for Student Services at Boston University, a $65 million, 12,000-foot construction effort that has already emerged as a popular choice among students since opening in January.

Rather than simply displaying a static image that shows students some of the available options , the units feature a digital menu system produced by Wireless Ronin that displays meal-specific food options and nutritional information that can easily be changed throughout the day. In addition to providing more information to students faster than before , the menu boards also save on labor, which would normally be required to monitor and update each of the facilities' boards.

"Seamlessly integrating our digital menu solutions with Boston University's existing food management infrastructure was a key factor in securing this deployment," said Wireless Ronin president Scott Koller in a press release. "While this new facility has experienced a much larger draw of guests than originally estimated, the university has maintained its overall labor costs, some part of which may come from deploying the RoninCast software powered menu board system."

Any restaurant or food services operation can benefit greatly by installing a video distribution system like the one at Boston University or a video wall of its own design.