Bringing AV solutions into the clubhouse

AV solutions are helping golf courses keep their players updated on conditions.

When it comes to a day out on the links, there are a lot of factors that can affect the experience: the weather, the conditions on the grounds and whether there's already a crowd out there waiting to tee up. In an effort to bettor inform players of such factors, country clubs and other golf courses are using  video walls and other AV solutions to help patrons get an advantage before they even tee up.

When discussing digital signage installations on this blog, we usually focus on advertising opportunities and promotions. However, some organizations, such as golf courses, don't rely on direct sales. Instead, their aim is to bring in players on a given day and try to present them with the best conditions with which to play. While there are opportunities to advertise deals for coaching and for pro shop items, digital signage for golf courses are better suited for other purposes.

Some of the more common trends are to enhance the clubhouse experience by providing real-time updates of the course conditions and how players should approach the grounds on a given day. If it's a dry, sunny day and the fairways have been cut short, golfers will likely want to make adjustments to how they'll approach given holes. Or, if it has rained recently and the roughs are particularly hazardous, the players will know to be more cautious on their approaches.

Another benefit is the ability to broadcast how crowded the course is at a given time. So, if a foursome is deciding whether to get out on the course or lounge around a little longer, they will know if there will be a wait before they even step foot out the door.

Whether it's country club, paintball course or other recreational facility, there are a wide variety of AV solutions to help draw in business with even the slightest update to a video distribution system.