Catering to customers’ digital experience

Many people spend their days looking at screens, so a video board at a business should be a familiar sight.

At several points in this blog, we've discussed how companies and institutions are revamping their video distribution system by installing AV solutions like digital menu boards and touchscreen kiosks. These technologies are providing businesses with new methods to provide customers with aesthetically pleasing ways to learn about products and services. They also provide efficient point of sale systems.

What's important to remember, though, is that many customers spend large portions of their day looking at computer screens, mobile devices and televisions. So when they go to a restaurant, hotel or hospital that features a video board, it shouldn't be anything new. Instead of trying to rethink the digital display, companies should cater to how customers perceive a menu or directory and use the capabilities that video processors provide to make clear, economical displays that a patron can easily understand.

In a post for Rave Publications, Judy Hoffman looked at the digital menu board solutions that many fast food restaurants are installing to replace their manually adjusted predecessors. What she found, though, was that some displays ending up going overboard with graphics and options, seemingly forgetting that it was a menu first and a display second. She recommended that businesses remember to put the product first when incorporating AV solutions and not get too focused with trying to keep patrons entertained.

"Menu board content that is less than exceptional can be confusing and frustrating and will slow down lines, leading to more frustration," Hoffman wrote. "Add to this the unnecessary motion, such as flashing and bouncing, that promotional video offers and you've got the perfect mix for frustration. The eye of the viewer or customer is distracted and will struggle to hone in on desired menu items."

With AV solutions, it's simple to revamp the way a business interacts with customers and processes sales. However, it's important to always keep the focus on substance over style when it comes to displays.