Digital signage plays a part in finding Boston Marathon bombing suspects

Digital signage helped authorities track down the suspects.

We devote much of the coverage on this blog to the ways AV solutions can help a business thrive and draw customers. However, in the light of recent events, it's become apparent that installations such as video walls can also be utilized for even greater purposes, such as assisting in the capture of a terrorist, as was the case this week in Boston.

When the FBI released the images of the two suspects wanted into connection to the tragic bombing that occurred at Monday's Boston Marathon, the images were immediately distributed nationwide as part of an effort to identify and apprehend the two individuals. While the conventional means of distributing an image – the internet, news outlets and hard copies, mainly – were effective, this was an instance where the value of digital signage and large-scale visual installations was truly on display.

Inside malls and businesses and along streets, digital signage was used to post the pictures of the wanted individuals wherever it was possible. As opposed to typical signage solutions, video displays let managers adjust the image displays to show the pictures that had been distributed by the FBI. This also allowed the displays to show off larger images that were easier to notice. Meanwhile, organizations that wanted into use hard copies of printed signage to get the photographs out there were forced to take the time to print them and even then would not be able to produce images as large as those created with digital signage.

The main reason to invest in visual displays is to reap the benefits that come from drawing additional customers and keeping them well informed about promotions and other services. However, in certain situations, they really can serve a greater purpose.