Make your digital signage more dynamic

Companies should take advantage of the features offered by digital signage.

The use of video walls for digital signage and other promotional purposes provides an eye-catching, dynamic AV solution that can help drive sales and bring in customers – if they're used correctly.

One of the main advantages ditching conventional signage installations in favor of video displays is that organizations can use them to create vibrant, moving images that can be switched in and out easily. They also allow for real-time, automated changes that can keep customers informed and entertained. But if features such as these aren't being used, what's the point? That's the question that was asked in a recent column for Digital Signage Today.

The article, which was submitted as a guest piece by Darrin Friskney, vice president of outdoor advertising sales for Illinois-based Watchfire Signs, focused on keeping the displays fresh and treating them like your would donuts and beer. That is, making sure that they never become flat, stale or boring.

"Digital billboards have opened a world of possibilities for advertising: the ability to display fresh, timely, vibrant and varied messaging," Friskey wrote "Unfortunately, some advertisers design their digital billboard messaging with a static billboard mindset, relying only on one display image, or focusing on a general branding message instead of a dynamic approach including a mixture of specific promotions and branding."

Friskey went on to focus on how companies can market specific products to customers, given certain timing and conditions. Whether it's promoting umbrellas and windshield wipers when it's raining or beer specials during a popular event, there are a wide variety of options available to help drive sales, he wrote.

Companies looking to take advantage of the benefits provided by digital signage should looking into revamping their video distribution system. With the latest developments in video processors, there's seemingly no limit to what companies can do.