Troubleshooting: Display Video Wall Processor

Troubleshooting some common display connecting problems.

We have all been in a situation where a video screen is not displaying the correct image that should be coming from the source or it is slightly distorted. There are several things that could possibly go wrong. In the following article, we look at a number of common issues and the simple things that can be done to rectify them quickly.

Problem: No Power

Solution: This is the first problem that you could encounter. The first thing to check is the AC Power Cord to ensure that it is firmly plugged into the DVI-VideoWall-9X. A recent power outage can also affect this, so you should power the system down for a short period of time and then power it all back on.

Problem: Off-center screen image, odd colors or no picture

Solution: This can be caused by several different reasons. The first thing is to make sure that all of the cables are in good working condition and are properly connected. Any issue here can create image distortion. The next step is to configure the output video resolution so that it doesn’t exceed the native supported resolution of the display. This can be seen with an “Out of Range” display.

The other thing that you need to take into account is the fact that changes do not happen immediately. Every time that the resolution of the input source in changed, you need to wait up to 20 seconds. After the resolution is changes, the selection of Input and the display layout mode will return to default and adjusting the input source and display layout mode to your specific requirements. Also a VGA source can take up to 10 seconds before it is recognized so be patient.

Problem: Wrong color

Solution: Similar to the previous problem, having the wrong colors needs to be avoided. To fix it, press the “Color Balance” key in “State” to initiate the auto configuration.

Problem: Poor quality video

Solution: If you are using T-Connectors to split video sources into images displayed on multiple screens, you need to know that that can lower the video quality that you see. Instead, you should use a distribution amplifier instead. You should also check to make sure that video source is not compressed and maintains the highest native resolution.

Problem: Poor linking

Solution: if the linking of the Serial Control does not work, reboot the DVI-VIDEOWALL-9X to establish the link.