Why choose Avenview for your video wall solution?

Leverage your existing screens into a customized, dynamic video wall solution.

Is your organization looking to get the most out of your existing screens? With Avenview's exclusive video wall solutions, you can leverage the screens you already have on hand into a dazzling video wall display that captivates any audience. 

Unlike most video wall suppliers, Avenview's solution allows you the flexibility to choose exactly the quantity and size of screens you want to create a truly unique display. Our competitors include their video wall processor bundled into their screens, limiting the opportunities to create such a personalized solution. 

Our external processors, such as the DVI-VIDEOWALL-9, are not only more powerful, but also provide other exclusive advantages. For example, our external processors are easier to service, more versatile and allow for video scaling. With other products, users are only allowed to stretch one image across their video wall. With our video scaling options, video content is scaled up so that each screen will be getting a full 1080p image, providing brighter, crisper images across every screen. For certain applications, such as security or infrastructure monitoring, this capability can greatly increase the effectiveness of the total solution. 

Avenview's external processors also allows users to select multiple images to display at once. This allows for innovative opportunities, such as displaying advertisements or special offers while simultaneously running video from your computer or Blu-ray player. Or, for entertainment purposes, display both of the day's sports games to ensure the entire audience is engaged. 

Our professionally trained staff can guide you through every step on the process to select the perfect video wall solution to fit your individual needs. Because our video walls solutions are among the most flexible in the industry, you can be assured that you will receive an affordable, powerful solution that meets your unique requirements.