Avenview announces new device for managing digital signage

Avenview recently released the HDM-SWITCHPRO-VW4, which combines a multi-viewer, matrix and video wall all in one.

As this blog has mentioned several times in the past, video walls are becoming far more popular as a medium with which to display digital signage. Compared to billboards or traditional signage, the images and videos displayed on these devices tend to pop and engage audiences. 

However, as this technology grows in popularity, businesses—ranging from restaurants, retailers, hospitals, sporting venues and even security professionals—find that they would prefer to have more functionality while at the same time requiring fewer devices, and therefore a simpler setup. This is also true among system integrators and designers, who actually do the work of creating and installing video walls for customers. 

Satisfying these demands requires some new technology. Avenview's solution is to release the HDM-SWITCHPRO-VW4. This device combines a multi-viewer, matrix and video wall all in one.

Say a business wants to use it as a switcher. This is simply a matter of taking four different sources—such as a computer, a DVD player, a game system and a satellite receiver—and connecting them to four different screens with the device, allowing the user to easily switch any source onto any of the screens. It is also possible to use the device as a splitter, by displaying content from one source on all four screens at once.

In addition, users can set it up as a dual viewer by combining the signals from the four sources and displaying them on two monitors (PAP). Finally, the entire setup can be used to create a 2 x 2 video wall, by displaying one signal across all four screens.

In the past, these functions would have all required different devices, or a combination of devices. However, the HDM-SWITCHPRO-VW4 offers a simpler set up and greater flexibility for the user.