How to know if digital signage is right for your business

Is digital signage right for your business?

Is digital signage right for your business?

If you have been wowed by the interactive video walls that you have passed on the street recently, then you may be tempted to say yes without a second thought. However, there is more to digital signs than looks. You must consider how these signs will benefit your business, and whether the upfront cost is a worthwhile investment.

As an expert in multimedia displays and their corresponding components, we believe that the answer is usually yes. But every business is different, and it never hurts to be sure.

First, determine a list of specific problems that you think digital signage will solve for your business. For example, do you think that your current signage efforts have netted disappointing results? Do you wish your company had the ability to advertise multiple products on one sign? With these problems in mind, you can move forward with the right product that will provide an adequate solution.

Digital Signage Today contributor Jessica Webster makes a similar point in a recent blog post.

"Yes, touchscreens are awesome, everyone has them, and they have become the standard," she writes. "But if that is the reason you want to incorporate touchscreens into your business strategy, you'll have more luck betting on black. Don't use interactive technology as a blatant ploy to look hip and cool. Make sure your touch displays are vehicles for connecting objectives to results."

Once you have determine that, then you can begin seeking out specific pieces of vital equipment, like video processors and audio video switches.