South African bank uses digital signage to cut down on wait times

digital signage solutions for banks

Ever gone to the bank when there was only one teller available to help customers? As long as the bank stays relatively empty, everything proceeds smoothly. But as soon as a group of customers gets in line, things begin to seriously slow down.

Banks don't always have the manpower to compensate for these crowds. But digital signage solutions like the ones being used in South Africa could allow banks to make the system more efficient, and the wait times more bearable.

In South Africa, 560 Capitec Bank branches have adopted a new queue management system that uses touch-capable video walls, according to a report in Digital Signage Today. 

The system is relatively simple. Every time a customer enters the bank, that person is assigned a number. When a teller is available, the video walls display the number and call out a voice prompt. In addition, the screens display queue times to estimate when the holders of each number will be served.

"Customer wait-times and the in-branch experience are very important metrics for retail banks," Charl Nel, head of communications for Capitec, told Digital Signage Today. "We saw that we could improve performance in both respects by providing real-time information allowing clients to assess their likely wait-time and even decide to return later without losing their place in the queue."

By offering customers more information about when they may receive service, the banks will ultimately be reducing inconvenient crowding at their branches. All it takes is an investment in some high-quality digital signs and video splitters.