The importance of a multiviewer to enhance observational efficiency

The HDM-SPLITPRO-4A supports up to four feeds on a single screen, with zoom and multiple layout options.

For professionals who rely on their ability to monitor people, places or equipment, it is crucial to be as efficient with resources as possible. The HDM-SPLITPRO-4A was designed with the needs of personnel in the growing security, video conference and event markets in mind.

This versatile piece of equipment allows organizations to make the most out of their investments in technology. The device can accept four HDMI input digital sources and then combine the four video signals onto a single HDMI-equipped monitor. The HDM-SPLITPRO-4A also allows viewers the option to channel the audio of one of the feeds, providing detail that other systems simply can't match.

Security professionals also have the option to zoom in and out of any of the HDMI input digital sources, and switch display layouts with ease. The user can easily change the individual channel size and choose different layouts on the single monitor with the OSD, IR Remote, Telnet, Rs232 or Front Panel buttons to set the desired layout configuration.

As the world become increasingly unpredictable, security professionals need advanced tools to prepare for any and all possible concerns. The processing power of the HDM-SPLITPRO-4A allows seamless switching between eight different Hot Key functions, all in full 1080p HD color.

No matter the size of the area you are tasked with protecting, the HDM-SPLITPRO-4A is more than capable of getting the job done. Not only does it allow organizations to leverage one screen to monitor four feeds, but it offers zoom capabilities and custom layouts, combined with quality the competition can't match.

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