Top uses for an AV splitter

AV splitters allow organizations to get the most from their technology investments.

In today's fast-paced world, having all of your devices in your office connected saves valuable time and lets you get the most out of your technology investments. If you are unfamiliar with how an AV splitter can allow your organization to get the most out of its high definition screens, find the answers you need here.

However, these versatile pieces of equipment can do more than allow multiple video sources to access multiple video displays. Read on to discover some of the top benefits for obtaining an AV splitter for your office.

Impress clients and stakeholders by adding multiple elements to your next business meeting

An AV splitter allows your organization to use employ multiple displays that share different content, or display the same message on multiple screens. This capability allows significant advantages for larger conference rooms, where the screens need to capture and retain the attention of multiple viewers.

Spread content around

Often, the video source is in a different location than the monitors. Splitters allows these two to be connected, despite challenges of distance. This advantage is especially beneficial for settings with multiple displays including auditoriums, medical facilities, retail environments and digital signage applications.

Give impact to employee training

With the use of a splitter, team members in distinct locations are able to view the same content in real time. The equipment also allow those employees with disabilities to be equipped with special considerations, such as a closer screen with captions for the deaf.

Give new life to an office entertainment system

Many startups have an entertainment system that can be used for company presentations or making announcements. By adding an AV splitter, more devices can be added that increase the capabilities of the system affordably on an as-needed basis.