Audio-visual tools for successful collaboration

Multi-media AV solutions tranform standard conference rooms into highly collaborative environments.

The modern day workplace has gone through substantial changes over the years. The emphasis has shifted toward using technology to facilitate successful collaborations.

Audio-video solutions are now providing businesses with state-of-the-art tools to optimize collaborative efforts and come up with game-changing innovations. Entrepreneurs at startup companies often look for ways to attract new talent and build a strong network of professional advisors without breaking the bank.

A recent study conducted by IBM revealed that 75 percent of U.S. employers believe the ability to collaborate with others is a critical skill prospective employees must have. In order to enable the most fruitful collaborations and entice talented individuals to work for a company, they must build an environment that fosters such teamwork.

Picture a conference room built specifically to address these needs. Start with high definition screens with AV switches that allow you to move back and forth between a presentation and a live video feed from across the country. Then add a fiber optic extender to allow for the smoothest, fastest real-time transmission of video and data possible.

This eliminates costly airfare and hotel accommodations, allowing young companies to work with other professionals around the globe and around the clock. It's as if there is no distance separating the two parties.

As part of the IBM study, Royal Dutch Shell CEO Peter Voser discusses how the days of innovation in isolation are over.

"I think in the past a lot of companies tried to develop their innovation in isolation, but I think that's no longer possible in the longer run," he explains. "I think you need to actually agree on how you share your innovation. That's where partnerships between companies in the same industry and also companies from different industries can actually start to work together."

The right AV solutions help to build strong office environments and business relationships and will attract streams of fresh new talent needed for success.