AV systems can help areas bracing for major winter storms

With the Northeast bracing for another snowstorm, AV systems can help local businesses manage the influx of customers seeking supplies.

As the Northeast braces for another winter snowstorm with the potential for blizzard-like conditions, droves of people will be flooding stores to stock up on the essentials. In such situations, AV technologies like video walls can prove extremely useful for local businesses.

Even with the spotty records of just about every weather forecaster on the planet when it comes to accurately predicting the weather – yes, based on the job title you would think they’d be better at it – people will always err on the side of caution. That means loading up on canned and other non-perishable foods, batteries for flashlights and lanterns, bottled water, candles, matches and more. 

But, with that boost in sales comes overcrowding and oftentimes unruly customers who are in a hurry to get what they need and get home before the roads are blanketed with snow. Video walls or other forms of digital signage can be used to inform customers of the locations of specific items they might be looking for. Rather than having hordes of people yelling at your employees to find out which aisle AA batteries are in, these display screens can direct them to the products they need most.

They can also feature a running list of items that are sold out, so someone doesn’t waste 20 minutes looking for something and then get angry at your employees when they find out you don’t have it in stock.

Additionally, for the safety of your customers and employees, an AV switcher can allow you to transition between different inputs and provide people with the latest in weather and traffic updates so they know what roadways are too dangerous to take.

If used properly, AV solutions can make businesses more efficient, boost sales, assist with crowd and inventory control and help ensure the safety of your customers during major storms.