Kennedy Space Center makes use of digital signs

Visitors at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida will encounter digital signage during their next visit.

From the office to the shopping mall, businesses have learned that digital signage is a great new way to boost productivity and increase sales and revenue. But for those outside the business world, there are still plenty of unique uses for video walls.

For example, visitors at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida will encounter something new when they go to see the exhibit for the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Paying tribute to the last of the space shuttle program, the 90,000 square foot, $100 million facility will include 60 touchscreens and other interactive simulators, according to an article in Digital Signage Today.

"The Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction not only enables guests to come face to face with the actual space-flown orbiter, Atlantis, it also invites them to 'be the astronaut' with more than 60 interactive experiences," Doug Wohlert, project development manager at the visitor complex, said in a press release.

One of those experiences is the International Space Station (ISS) Wall. This is a combination of seven 55-inch video walls combined into one giant display, made possible through the use of audio video switches. The wall offers viewers a look back into the history of the ISS, as well as real-time images of what the station is like in the present day. At times, viewers will even have the opportunity to watch crew members conduct science experiments.

Digital signage may have a whole host of business uses, but it also has educational purposes. As video walls become part of our present, they can help us learn about the future.