KFC invests heavily in South African digital signage

KFC has invested heavily in video wall adoption at its locations in South Africa.

Back in September, this blog featured a post about how a KFC restaurant in Kentucky has enthusiastically embraced digital signage, to great effect. 

Now, it seems the strategy has worked well enough that the company is willing to take it global. In fact, KFC has invested heavily in video wall adoption at its locations in South Africa.

According to a company press release, KFC is working with One Digital Media to set up one of the largest networks of digital menu boards in the world. Already, more than 5,000 such signs have been installed in KFC restaurants across the country—meaning that each store has about nine signs.

The large number of signs allows for a more flexible display of useful content. Primarily, these video walls are used to display menus that are easier to read and more visually appealing than the previous static signs. However, it is relatively easy for a store manager to adjust the signs to display whatever is needed at a particular time. For example, signs could promote special items, even a different one each day. All of these changes can be made within minutes.

Although keeping track of the content on nine separate signs may seem like a lot, it is much easier thanks to the use of an audio video matrix switch, which can be used to display content from different sources on multiple screens.

Other fast food outlets have demonstrated conclusively that digital signage leads to sales. KFC's experiment is sure to translate into greater video wall adoption in the rest of the world.