Matrix switches are crucial for digital signage systems

An audio video matrix switch is a necessary piece of equipment.

Digital signage offers businesses numerous different opportunities to display useful content. Whether you are a retailer advertising a new product or a hospital seeking to make it easier for doctors to share data, video walls help make the process quick, easy and most importantly, effective.

Now that the technology is proliferating more quickly, users are beginning to discover that they have more options for how they deploy their signs. Retailers, for example, will set up units at multiple points throughout a store to make sure as many customers as possible see their content.

To get the most out of such a strategy, an audio video matrix switch is a necessary piece of equipment.

Readers who own a home theater system may be familiar with this device in a residential context. It is used to connect devices like DVD players and PCs to multiple screens at the same time, while easily switching output signals.

At home, matrix switches are a convenience. In the commercial world, they may soon be a necessity. Business owners who wish to display more varied types of content will find that this requires multiple sources. With a matrix switch, it is easy to choose a content source and then direct it to one or more screens.

Many matrix switches, including products offered by Avenview, are 4×4, meaning that they can handle four inputs and four outputs. In addition, Avenview also makes a 5×5 model for additional functionality. Business owners have a number of different choices that allow them to install exactly what they need.