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Uncompressed 4K@60 HDMI digital video signal over IP

Published on September 8, 2016 By Kathleen Crowley

As the ProAV world continues to strive for improving digital communication and display in different sectors of public areas, corporate environments, and private institutions, there is a growing need to distribute AV signals of higher quality over longer distances. Traditional analog technology is being replaced by more advanced and higher quality digital equipment. One example […]

Scaling HD video to 4K or Ultra HD

Published on May 13, 2015 By Kathleen Crowley

  4K and Ultra HD are here to stay.  In recent years, the technology has been gaining ground in many industries, from consumer to commercial.  Ultra HD and 4K provide increased resolution, more pixels and more image detail. In digital signage, more information can be contained in a smaller area – so when the viewer […]