Thank you!

We were delighted to hear this recently from one of our largest distributors:  It's the reason we do what we do!

"It is not very often that I have the opportunity to work with companies or individuals like you - one of the highest levels of professionalism and business ethics, which I find very refreshing."



Another successful VideoWall Project

"I’m writing to let you know that the video wall project is successfully handed over.I would like to thank all members of AVENVIEW team for your throughout help & kind support"


We are very happy with Avenview's innovation and customer service!

"Deepest respect for Avenview new products and  positive support. We are very glad to work with video wall solution with 4K. Such new product is the #1 ahead of the market. Fantastic.

We are installing and promoting  HDM-AVXWALL (www.avxwall.com) and HDM2-APEX4K (www.apex4k.com) in  more projects in Russia. We are very happy with Avenview's innovation and customer service!" - Anonymous


Our experience with Avenview has been unprecedented

"Our Experience with Avenview's Videowall Processors and Multiviewers has been that both the AVXWALL and the Splitpro Works better than all of the Competitors we have tested-  To date we have tested equivlants from, Extron Quantum Elite, RGB MediaWall V, ICS Media Wall, Planar VCS Media Wall, Apantec Video Processors, Christie Spyder and  TV ONE Corio Master and Mini. The problem with most of these processors is the underlying operating systems, and lack of features. Our experience with Avenview has been unprecedented and the support is what we expect from a manufacturer" 


First Avenview Videowall installed in Israel

"....I was with the largest integrator in Israel,  I met the CTO and he was excited  to work with us to bring them the first Avenview Videowall to be installed in Israel." International Sales Representative


Love your products!

I love the concept and design of your products. I bought i.e 16 Ports VGA
splitter/Extender via Cat5 with receivers which was a delightful experience
at my site location.


All Points Media - AdVans using Video Walls

Alex B, of All Points Media Co, was key in incorporating Avenview's DVI-VIDEOWALL-9X into their innovative AdVan Mobile advertising program.

"Avenview has been a great addition to our company and has helped push the Advans to the next level. We love your product, and the men and women I have been in contact with have been an absolute help."

Video Wall used in mobile advertising
DVI-VIDEOWALL-9X used in the AdVan