Augmented reality digital signage makes waiting for the bus ‘unbelievable’

Augmented reality digital signage creates "unbelievable" experience at London bus shelter.

Marketers are coming up with increasingly inventive ways to use augmented reality digital signage in branding campaigns, and Pepsi Max has taken this to the next level with a campaign in London.

Waiting for the bus can be a fairly boring and uneventful experience, but Pepsi Max was able to make waiting for the bus "unbelievable" for people at a London bus shelter, Digital Signage Today reported.

By installing a digital screen in an otherwise normal bus shelter, Pepsi Max created a live feed of the sidewalk, creating an illusion that people were seeing the actual sidewalk. The unsuspecting commuters were taken by surprise as animations appeared on the screen to create an unbelievable augmented reality scene. 

The campaign's YouTube video, "Unbelievable Bus Shelter" shows the reactions of people waiting for the bus who were taken off-guard by the view of their suddenly augmented reality. In one scene, a woman is shocked to see an asteroid hurling towards her, only to crash into the sidewalk. In another scene, people look nervous to see a tiger approaching the bus shelter, but when it gets close, the tiger walks off screen, revealing that its presence was just an illusion. Other creative scenarios in the campaign included tentacles emerging from a sidewalk grate, a giant robot and more.

Although this augmented reality experience may have initially seemed a bit scary for some, people seemed generally impressed by the illusion, making their visit to that particular bus shelter an unforgettable one. The campaign has made an impact that reaches far beyond the walls of that one London bus shelter, as the video currently has close to 4 million views on YouTube. 

Pepsi Max created this campaign to demonstrate how the brand brings people the unbelievable. This experience was made possible through the use of digital signage. Whether its through the use of digital screens or video walls, digital signage is allowing marketers to create increasingly immersive and memorable branding experiences.