Can digital signage boost sales for restaurant chains?

Restaurant chains are looking to digital signage to increase customer engagement, and sales.

We recently wrote about McDonald's newly-interactive sign in London's iconic Piccadilly Lights. The revamped McDonald's sign will allow people visiting the square to participate in a creative campaign where they can design their own animated character and send it to the sign via cell phone, where it will be displayed along with characters created by other visitors. This campaign is an example of a creative way that one company has come up with to increase customer engagement, and hopefully drive sales as a result.

But McDonald's isn't the only restaurant chain that sees the advantages of using digital signage for customer engagement. Sonic, another quick service restaurant chain, is looking to the engagement benefits of digital signage to improve sales. Sonic has plans to compete with chains like McDonald's, and is turning to digital signage to help make it happen. Part of Sonic's plan to generate growth includes the installation of digital signs in its restaurants. Sonic will be outfitting its drive-in check outs with digital menu boards and interactive screens that offer personalized service, the Wall Street Journal MarketWatch blog reports. 

The new screens will allow Sonic to increase engagement with drive-in customers, who spend up to 11 minutes at the drive-through. The digital menu boards can also make suggestions to customers, creating opportunities for Sonic to maximize sales. 

As we have written previously, digital signage can be a great investment for fast casual dining establishments looking to boost sales, whether it's by installing a video wall or interactive touchscreen menus. Besides being easier for customers to read, more attractive than static signs and easy to update to adapt to menu changes, the interactive capability of digital signage allows restaurants to increase customer engagement and drive sales. The ease-of-use and choices expanded by digital signage will probably lead to higher customer satisfaction as well.