Can digital signage improve safety for motorists?

Can digital signage help improve safety on the road?

Increasingly, many industries are discovering how digital signage like video walls and digital screens can enhance business. Digital signage can help you make an impact in many scenarios, from practical to entertaining. This even applies to driving. From inclement weather to accidents and reckless drivers, the road can be an unpredictable place, but digital signage is improving the way information is communicated to motorists, and in turn may lead to increased safety as well.

There's only so much a static sign can do to point out potential driving dangers. Fortunately, digital signage offers a brighter, clearer picture than a regular static road sign. Although normal road signs have reflective elements that allow them to light up in the path of oncoming headlights, digital signs can stay illuminated at all times. Plus, the functionality of digital signs allows them to be easily updated to reflect changing circumstances that can impact drivers. 

During inclement weather, a digital road sign has a better chance of standing out in the elements. The feature can be especially beneficial in areas that frequently experience severe weather. For example, last year two Minneapolis counties implemented digital billboards to warn drivers of tornado threats. 

A severe weather threat isn't the only scenario in which digital signage works to improve safety for motorists. A county in the United Kingdom is using digital signage to help motorists more easily locate parking spaces. The new signs aim to improve the flow of traffic and reduce pollution by cutting down the amount of time motorists spend idling and driving around looking for a place to park.

The appearance and versatility of digital signage shows a lot of potential to more effectively communicate to motorists, and in turn, helps make driving a safer and more pleasant experience.