Digital signage helps elementary school stay connected

An elementary school in Alaska is using digital signage to stay connected.

With hundreds of students and parents to connect with, elementary schools face a challenge when it comes to being able to effectively communicate with large groups of people. Elementary schools have lots of information to convey, including calendar events, meetings, alerts and more. Traditional bulletin boards have long been used to display this type of information in schools, but some are turning to digital signage to enhance communication. 

Delta Elementary School in Alaska understands the benefits of digital signage in an educational setting. Recently, the school installed digital signage to improve messaging in the lobby, which is often crowded with students, parents and staff.

"We wanted a way that we could connect with students and parents in our main lobby. Before school, during lunch, and after school our lobby is filled with students, staff, and parents. We have some bulletin boards, but most of those get the 'once over' and are not looked at again. With digital signage we are able to have calendar events, pictures/movies of students, relevant twitter/RSS feeds, with current weather conditions," said Principal  Rick Vandenboom in a press release. 

The school's principal went on to further explain that as communication is a major focus in education, digital signage allows messaging to be uploaded from the faculty without having to go through the front office staff. The addition of digital signage in the school's lobby allows for communication to take place in an effective way that has the added benefit of providing entertainment as well. 

From bulletin boards to video walls, electronic messaging boards and more, digital signage is capable of providing effective communication solutions in elementary schools and a variety of other settings where it's important to keep people connected.