Digital signage helps reduce wait times in fast casual restaurants

Digital signage is helping improve customer experiences at fast casual restaurants by reducing wait times.

Digital signage continues to make a positive impact in the restaurant industry, as fast casual restaurants adopt signage to enhance advertising efforts and boost sales. From digital menu boards that allow restaurants to switch up product offerings based on demand and availability, to kiosks that speed the ordering process, digital signage allows restaurants to upgrade their services. 

Some companies have turned to digital signage to roll out cutting edge interactive marketing campaigns, such as McDonald's interactive sign in London's Piccadilly lights. But there are even more possibilities for restaurant chains looking to digital signage to improve business on the ground at their various locations. 

In the quick service or fast casual sectors, efficiency and the ability to move people through ordering lines quickly is an essential element of success. One company taking advantage of digital signage to speed up the ordering process is Panera Bread Co., which has recently implemented new systems to automate ordering and cut down on the time customers spend waiting in line, Digital Signage Today reported. The company's new kiosks are able to cut down on customer wait times by providing automated ordering. 

With shorter lines, Panera customers will be able to enjoy improved experiences at the restaurant. The company believes that implementing technological upgrades like kiosks and mobile-app ordering capabilities are essential to its future success. Although the kiosks are currently being implemented in certain Panera locations, the company plans to place them in locations across the country over the next couple of years.

Improved customer experience can lead to increased sales, and digital signage can help make this happen by providing an easier ordering experience and improving efficiency. Restaurants looking for an advantage over the competition should consider how investing in a digital signage screen, menu or video wall could improve their bottom line.