Digital signage kiosks help attorneys dispense legal advice

Digital signage kiosks are helping lawyers advertise by offering free legal advice.

We have previously discussed on this blog the many ways that advertisers have been using digital signage to devise some of today's most interesting and innovative creative campaigns. From shopping malls to aquariums, quick-service restaurants and more, businesses are finding ways to incorporate digital screens, video walls, digital bulletin boards and other types of digital signage into their communication strategy to more effectively reach customers. 

With digital signage, the possibilities are many. Kiosks are commonly used in banks but their effectiveness doesn't stop there. What if you could walk up to a kiosk and ask it for legal advice?

Kiosks that dispense legal advice are being used to help lawyers advertise their services. The kiosks enable people to ask questions about various legal issues ranging from workers compensation to wills, according to a press release. They offer the benefits of interactivity of digital signage, drawing people in to interact with the kiosk and get the information they need. 

Combined with a content management system, the kiosks are able to draw people in with with attractive bright displays and graphics. By situating kiosks in places that receive a lot of visitors, like shopping malls, people can be drawn in to use these unique systems.

The kiosks allow people to make confidential inquiries about legal issues without consulting an attorney. This system works as a way for attorneys to advertise because when people use the kiosks to learn about legal advice, they receive a referral to an attorney specializing in that specific area.  By offering free legal advice in an attractive and easy to use setup, these kiosks, powered by digital signage, offer attorneys a unique way to promote their services in addition to more traditional advertising methods. For an industry that can be difficult to make interesting, interactive kiosks put a new spin on legal advertising.