Horse racetrack incorporates digital signage as part of upgrade

A Kentucky racetrack has installed new digital signage as part of an upgrade.

Digital signage is a particularly effective solution used to enhance the viewing of sporting events where spectators might struggle to see what's going on. With digital signage, sitting far from the event is no longer a problem. However, high-tech sporting stadiums are not the only places taking advantage of digital signage for viewing, and the applications of signage go beyond enhancing the view of the event for the audience.

Race tracks are exciting places, and with all of the fast-moving action around the track, spectators and video crews must be able to keep up. Digital signage screens and video walls may broadcast instant replays at sport stadiums, but at a race track, instant replays are often need to determine which horse crossed the finish line first.

Keeneland Racetrack in Kentucky may be a National Historical Landmark, but that doesn't mean it can't benefit from a digital signage upgrade. Keeneland Racetrack has installed digital signage as part of an upgrade to the track, according to an article on AVNetwork.

High definition broadcasting capability was also noted as a benefit of the signage, as Keeneland was one of the first tracks to use HD and staying on par with the highest quality picture is important to the track's reputation. The signage will enable the video production crews at Keeneland to improve their workflow, and the systems were noted as beneficial because they were easy to use and easy to install. 

As Keeneland Racetrack demonstrates, the high quality picture that digital signage provides cannot be overlooked, especially when it comes to winning and losing. Horse races may be prone to close calls, but with digital signage in place, there will be no question to the true winner.