Real-time data and digital signage are changing the way we do business

Digital signage that incorporates real-time data can help businesses boost sales.

When considering the benefits of digital signage, versatility is one major advantage that comes to mind. There is another significant factor that underlies the power of digital signage, and it is changing the ways people do business.

Real-time data combined with digital signage is creating new ways for businesses to communicate with customers. Through the integration of data, businesses are able to drive sales by responding to the information they are receiving in real-time, and adjusting signage accordingly. According to a recent report by MarketsandMarkets, the digital signage market is growing, driven in part by this real-time data capability.

One area where we see this happening is with restaurants, where menu boards can be changed based on real-time data to adjust items based on customer demand and item availability. Shopping malls are also finding ways to reap the rewards of this technology by installing digital screens and video walls to enable marketing campaigns to be easily adjusted throughout the day. Both of these types of businesses can use real-time data digital signage to roll out ad campaigns to different segments of customers, as it allows for marketers and advertisers to create more finely-tailored campaigns. Intelligent signage is not limited to the world of marketing, but also shows potential to benefit any industry where information must be communicated and updated based on what's happening in real-time. 

As this technology continues to be adopted, it could set the stage for those using it to gain an advantage over those who are not incorporating it into their strategy. Businesses looking for an real edge over competitors may want to consider whether digital signage backed by real-time data could be incorporated into their marketing plan, saving time and money, and enabling them to deliver customers more of what they want.